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What we do:

CREST promotes the deployment of small-scale renewable energy systems (microrenewables) by providing capacity-building and project technical assistance.

A regular publication for the renewables industry

The renewables industry is taking off. The main driver for this take-off is the solar PV industry. But climate change considerations are bound to create new opportunities for other renewables, like wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal, ocean, and others, including storage batteries.

CREST sees the industry today in a similar stage as the computer industry when microcomputers were starting to be used by techies and increasingly by businesses. When these products reached a certain market volume, economies of scale began to take effect, resulting in a virtuous cycle of steady price reductions and continuing market growth.

The spread of microcomputers was greatly aided by the rise of industry publications, where new developments were covered in detail and which enthusiasts read avidly. Many of these enthusiasts eventually became the business tycoons of the industry.

The renewables industry today needs such publications. This publication, whose focus is microrenewables, will be one of them. Of course, it will also be available online.

CREST has been holding a series of round-table discussions since 2015, producing papers about the industry. These papers will feed into this publication. We have been compiling a catalog of new products, product descriptions, a directory of suppliers. They will be featured here too. For the past two issues, we have offered free full-page ads to the industry. Congratulations to those who took the free offer seriously.

The first six issues of microRenewables were not yet magazine issues. They were research reports. The seventh and eighth issues are proto-magazines. They look more like the industry magazine we will become in the future.

CREST wants to grow this publication with the microrenewables industry ecosystem: suppliers, contractors, retailers, installers, maintenance people and—most important of all—the users.

We invite you to further submit stories about actual installations, new product descriptions, and other things that you expect a regular publication to contain. At the very least, submit your entries to the product catalog and supplier directory or send in feedback as a reader. We will keep offering free ads, as long as we can.

In the future, our issues will be supported by advertisements rather than grants. Obviously, this cannot happen without industry support. Remember, CREST is non-profit. All its ad income will go towards making the publication better and reaching more people.

Together, we will build the microrenewables industry and help turn this industry, like the microcomputer industry before it, into a deep economic and social game-changer.

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